Snow Chaos - Working From Home

There are days like this when those of us who work from home breath a sigh of relief and carry on working as normal while others struggle through the snow to get to work.

Commuter chaos as people try to get to and from work by bus, train or car.  Thousands stranded on broken trains, blocked roads, taking hours to get back home or being forced to make alternate arrangements.  With some schools closing parents are forced to take the day off to look after their children.

Should more of us work from home?  Should employers allow their employees to work from home rather than waste their time struggling in to work only to go home a couple of  hours later.  How many hours have been wasted in their attempts to get to work.

Home working doesn't suit everyone and not every job is suitable for home working.  Employers are afraid that their employees won't really be working and will skive off, watching day-time TV or not actually working.

Well, there's enough evidence that even when they're in an office - the chances are that a percentage will be ;skiving off'  anyway - internet, social media, email are all great distractions.  It's also likely that of the 8 hours employees spend at work only 60% of that time is being used productively.  Away from the distractions and interruptions of their usual office environment - they're likely to be MORE productive.  It's all about trust.

So what's more productive - having employees spend half their day getting to and from work or actually spending a productive day working at home with the ability to work flexibly and fit the work to suit their hours?

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