M.A.D. Take Time To Make Time

"The greatest saving of all is better utilisation of our time. This directly affects practically every phase of the business in terms of expense and profits" Leo Burnett

Two of the things that people always want more of is Time and Money.  If you save one, you could get more of the other, 'if' you use that saved time wisely.

When people are busy, rushed off their feet, too much to do, too many demands on their time - is exactly the time when they need to stop what they're doing and spend a little of that time planning.

Ironically, it's often when they feel they can't afford to stop what they're doing and just keep going.  After all, every minute is precious and there's no point wasting it when they could be getting on 'doing'.

Well, it is - but more important is how you spend that time.

Are you focusing on the right things that are really going to make a difference for you?

Are you busy being busy with no real plan or purpose - just jumping in and going as quickly as you can through your to-do list?

Are you wasting time on lower priority activities that won't give you the results you need or are you simply just trying to do too much?

If you want more time - take time to make time.  Get some perspective.  A few minutes planning can actually make more time available, as you'll know what you're doing and why.

You'll be able to drop tasks as you realise they're not important or you'll know how to deal with them more effectively.

Not sure where to start?  Try the free Time Audit.

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