Think Before You Speak

... or at least type.

All too often these days, something gets written online - perhaps in the heat of the moment or in reaction to something they've seen or read which can lead to all sorts of potential problems, mis-interpretation and faulty impressions that were perhaps unintended.

What you say - particularly if you're doing business online - reflects on you, your brand and the impression of who you are and how you work.  People can be switched off in an instant if they see something you've said or written online they don't like or agree with.

Now, you need to be authentic and people like to see someone's character but sometimes it can pay to think before you speak.

I've seen discussions that have turned into public spats.  Supposed business professionals behaving like children in the school playground or even degenerating into the downright abusive and bullying.  Fortunately extreme instances of bad behaviour are rare (at least on the networking sites I inhabit) but they do happen.

Some people will happily stir things up or keep the discussion going just so they can get their point across or to have the last word.  Lively discussion and debate is great and it's what makes certain sites more interesting but there can be a fine line.

Keep your personal opinions to the 'social' environment and be aware of how your professional persona is coming across in the online world.
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