M.A.D. Survival Through Adversity

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Like many others I watched the rescue of the Chilean miners and one thing that struck me was the strength of the human spirit to survive under adverse conditions.

There's still much to learn about what went on for the 70 days they were underground and I'm sure more details of their story will come out over time along with all the rumours and speculation.

Many of them have spoken about being reborn following their ordeal, their family are the most important things to them even though they're now the centre of much press and media intention.  The horror of being buried underground, not knowing if they'd be found or whether they'd see their families again.

Organising themselves and creating a structure for survival, not only to ration out their limited food supply but to keep their spirits up and look after each other.

We have the capacity to survive, even in the most adverse conditions.  Not only for the Chilean miners but for others who have survived through war, natural disaster and personal tragedy.

It's all too easy to get closeted in the trappings of modern life and surrounded by things to make ourselves more comfortable.  We get stuck in our comfort zones and forget about the things that are really important in life - food, water, shelter and human comfort.

We are capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for and this tends to come out when we're under extreme stress, pressure or surviving adversity.  When we test ourselves we can be surprised at what we are actually capable of.

Take a risk, challenge yourself - what have you got to lose?  Nothing compared to what others are going through or have gone through.

Keep things in perspective - worse things happen underground.

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