M.A.D. Switch Off!

How many hours a week do you work – really … how many?

In between the early mornings, the late evenings and weekend working - Twitter and Social Media, at all hours of the day and night, many of us are likely to be putting in far more than 35-40 hours a week

Judging by the number of emails, tweets and forum posts I receive that have been posted over the weekend and late in the evening, it would appear that some people have very little distinction between work time and personal time ... or perhaps they'd rather avoid home life.

It's important to have a structure to your work and schedule your working hours accordingly.  Some people prefer to start late and work late, some people like to start early and finish early.  If you don't the luxury of flexible working or being able to set your own hours, make sure your employer isn't extracting more than their pound of flesh.

Now, here's a revelation - you can switch your smartphone off! Yes, really. The world won’t end just because you haven't answered the email you received at 11.30pm (the person who sent it is in need of some balanced working too!).

There may be occasions when late nights and weekend working are required but don't let them become a habit.  Have a couple of days each week when you finish early (or at least on time).

What could you do this week to spend a few less hours working and have a few more hours for yourself?

If you're having difficulty switching off - contact me for a free strategy session or check your Time Habits.
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