M.A.D. Getting Away

As you come out of the holiday season, it's worth thinking about why and where you go on holiday and whether it has the desired effect.

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You work hard all year round and you need to take time out to recharge your batteries.  Whether you prefer to get away for a few weeks each year or take several breaks.  Do something totally different,  spend time with family and friends, or relax on a beach?

Often there are many different needs to be met – where to go, what to do, activities for the children, time with your partner, time with friends, time to relax.  Organising and going on holiday can be stressful in itself.

When I went travelling, several years ago, it took about six weeks to totally unwind from work.  Two weeks once a year just isn't enough.  You spend the first week unwinding and then only have a few days to really relax before it’s time to come home.  Always assuming you left the mobile and laptop behind and really did get away from it!

You're also more likely to become ill when you go on holiday?  A good indicator you’ve been under stress and you’re working too hard.  As soon as the source of the stress stops (work) you give your body permission to be ill.

Relaxing on holiday also gives you time to think and reassess.  Coming back you quickly find yourself back in the same routine and the holiday becomes a distant memory far too quickly.  Don’t let all those thoughts and ideas drift away and get forgotten.  Think about what you want to change and do something about it.

Taking regular breaks and giving yourself time to relax is important to your mental and physical well-being.  We've had the last Bank Holiday weekend until the end of the year.  Plan a long weekends or a weekend away between now and then.

Even having a complete day out at the weekend - away from chores, going somewhere new, trying something different can be a break in itself.

Plan your next break – don’t leave it too long.
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