M.A.D. Extend That Holiday Feeling

Don’t allow yourself to get sucked back into the routine of work and those bad habits too quickly.  Keep the relaxed feeling from your holiday for as long as possible.  If you came back with good intentions - find a way to stick with them.

Plan what you need to get done – those things you absolutely MUST do.  Make sure you plan time for yourself. If you are in the habit of working late, DON'T.  Finish early at least one or two evenings this week and keep a limit on your working hours.  Avoid spending time on low value tasks.

Give yourself less time to do things or put a limit on how much time you have available.  You'll find you actually get things done quicker. Like when you have a deadline and you go into overdrive to get things finished on time.

Make sure you take breaks during the day - not always easy but it's important. Come back refreshed and you’ll be more productive in the afternoon.

Keep work in perspective.  Know what you need to get done.  Focus on what's important and don't spend all your time working.  Work more efficiently in the time you have available.  Avoid distractions which can eat into your day.  Make sure you fit in time to relax, both for yourself and for family and friends.

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