Multi-media Multi-tasking

You're on your computer, the TV or Radio is on in the background - you're tweeting, you're posting on Facebook, and surfing the internet.  If you're a teenager - you probably have a chat window open too AND you're texting on your mobile phone.  In fact many business owners are also likely to be on Skype and have their mobile phones to hand as part of their media-saturated working day.

According to a recent Ofcom Study 16-24 year olds are cramming 50% more media time into as many hours.  With the multi-media devices around, you're probably doing much of this on one device but are we becoming over saturated and reliant on all this media technology?

Laptops and wi-fi connections have given us the ability to roam and stay connected.  Smartphones enable us to be connected 24/7 wherever we are - at home or abroad.  Great for productivity and to maximise our time but know when to stop.

  • Create boundaries around your time.
  • Focus your attention on what's in front of you.
  • Avoid having too many media distractions at any one time.
  • Set time limits for how long you spend on certain media sites.

There's no harm in multi-tasking as long as more important things aren't being pushed to the sidelines as a result.  Enjoy the freedom and flexibility that technology brings but don't let it rule your life.

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