Just Because ...

  • Just because you've got hundreds of followers - that's no reason for me to follow you.
  • Just because we share a connection to dozens of other people doesn't mean I necessarily want to be connected to you too.
  • Just because you send me a random 'Please connect with me' message, doesn't mean I'll accept.
  • Just because you send me a Skype contact request - doesn't mean I will.
  • Just because you follow me on Twitter doesn't mean I'll automatically follow you back.
If you're on any form of social media you probably receive dozens of requests to connect every day and you may feel guilty or boorish if you don't accept them all.

I'm more than happy to connect with random strangers occasionally you never know what might come of it.  But that doesn't mean I'm going to connect with every Tom, Dick and Harriet that sends me an invite.

Firstly, people like to know who you are and if you're not using a proper name, don't have a bio or a photo then they don't know.

Secondly, they'd like to know why you want to connect.  Just because you have dozens of mutual friends, doesn't mean you know them any better than they know you.  After all, they may only be connected to you because you sent them a random invite.  You might not really know them at all.

So, if you'd like to connect - that's fine but let them know you're a real person and that you're just not playing the numbers game and collecting as many followers, connections or 'friends' as you can.
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