Waiting In A Queue?

It's a great British tradition - queueing but it's frustrating and takes up precious time in our already busy day.

Here are a few of queue busting ideas:

Plan your queueing time.  Monday mornings, lunchtime and Friday's are likely to be busy queueing days/times - so if you can plan your visits to avoid the busier periods.

Come back later - if you have other things to do, do those first and then come back later.  The queue may have gone down to a more reasonable level.

Things to do while waiting:

  • Check your email - if you've got a Blackberry, iPhone or email capable device.
  • Catch up on your social media - if you've got a browser enabled phone.
  • Listen to a podcast - there are more and more podcasts available on a number of topics.  Download them to your phone or an MP3 device - catch up on them while you're waiting.
  • Make a phone call - not always ideal, unless you're one of those "I'm on the train" people who is happy to share their conversation with everyone around them.
  • Send a few text messages - keep in touch with family, friends and your business network.

If you haven't got the latest, always contactable, always online gadget:

  • Always have some reading material with you - a book or a magazine.
  • Carry a notebook with you - jot down ideas, action lists.  Capture those thoughts that pop into your head at random moments.
  • Have a little fun people watching - can you guess who they are, what they do, how they're feeling.
  • Enjoy the moment - don't get stressed out by how long it's taking - it won't help the queue go any quicker.
What are your ideas for avoid queues or tips to while away the time.
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