100th International Women's Day

I wasn't expecting to celebrate it in quite this way but I ended up on an impromptu baby(toddler) sitting session this afternoon to give an exhausted, heavily pregnant Mum a break so she could snatch a few moments sleep.

Two things made it easy for me to do - having got my Blackberry internet connection working again (problem due to a really old sim card) I had the flexibility to quickly check emails and knowing that I had no meetings booked  for the rest of the day, I could adjust my plans for the day.

I was able to be around to not only help clear space in their flat for the new baby's cot (much easier decluttering someone else's space) but I could take her little girl off her hands for a couple of hours, give her a break and a few moments peace and quiet.

It's something I see often with many of the women I work with.  Always putting someone else first - especially the family and forgetting to take time out for themselves.  Either feeling guilty when they do or not even considering it because there's so much else to do and they're always bottom of the list.

Sometimes it's the little things that make the biggest difference - complete time out, putting their feet up for half an hour of total self-indulgence, being able to take a complete break from the family for a couple of hours.

Give a Mum a break - they deserve it.
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