Making Calls Whilst Driving

Someone asked me yesterday, whether using driving time was a good time to catch up on phone calls. Now I'm all for multi-tasking, when appropriate and making use of slack time but this isn't one of them.

While you might think that sitting in the car is a good time to use technology with all the gadgets and attachments that enable us to be in touch and contactable at all times - hands-free, bluetooth, voice activation etc. but driving standards are bad enough without the added distraction of having a conversation on your mobile whilst driving.

I see enough erratic driving with drivers having a phone clamped to their ear - usually hand held and NOT hands-free. Today I saw drivers on the phone, negotiating roundabouts, turning corners and swerving across their lane.

There's a time and a place and being behind the wheel while you're driving is not a place for a phone conversation.

You're having to listen and respond to the phone conversation, which means your attention isn't where it should be.

According to RoSPA, 85% of drivers observed were using hand-held mobile phones. Not only is this now against the law but drivers on the phone are mentally more challenged are more likely to be involved in an accident. Numerous tests and surveys have shown that drivers are more distracted than they might like to admit by attempting to do other things. A moments lack of concentration can all too easily result in an accident and even fatalities.

Now a lot of people may disagree, especially if they treat their car as their office because they're on the road a lot. If you spend a lot of time in the car as part of your work:

- make calls before you leave or when you arrive
- keep calls short if you have to answer a call and only if you're hands-free
- pull over safely if you need to make or receive a call.
- call them back when you can talk properly.

If you call someone and they're in the car and moving - call them back later.

Above all - keep your eyes and mind on the road ahead. Drive safely.
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