How To Be On Time For Meetings

Get rid of the SatNav ... yes, really. At a recent meeting I went to one of the attendees turned up nearly half an hour late. He'd got lost. The reason - he was using a SatNav! :)

Now, I'm not saying SatNavs don't have their uses but more often than not people blindly follow them without having a clue where they're going and haven't got a clue what to do when they go wrong or it takes them down a wrong road.

We've all heard stories of lorries getting stuck down narrow dirt tracks, stuck under bridges, drivers ending up in a completely different place to where they intended.

I arrived half an hour early (but then I'm just a smart alec). Here are my tips to arrive on time (other than getting rid of the SatNav).

If coming from a long way away, set off in good time and plan to arrive half an hour early - giving some leeway incase you get delayed.

Check where you're going on Streetmap the day before. This will give you a pretty good map and reference to where you're going.

You can check timing and distance on Route Planner. Add a bit if you're going to be travelling at peak times.
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