Make It Easy For People To Contact You

I'm often surprised at how many businesses appear not to want to give out their contact information.

Just the other day I needed to get hold of someone quickly, who I've connected with online but not yet in the 'real world'. They'd contacted me via email and needed some urgent info but hadn't left their contact details, perhaps assuming that I had them.

However ...
  • They didn't have their contact details in their email - a simple email signature is a great way to provide these.
  • Their online profiles have no contact information - if you don't want them in every profile, at least have them on your website.
  • Their website is 'under construction' so no contact details there either.
While we all want to protect our information from spammers and the less scrupulous - if you run a business you need to make it easy for people to contact you.
  • Include a phone number - not just a mobile.
  • Provide an email address or a contact form.
Yes, it does mean you get the occasional unwanted sales call and spam emails but from a business perspective, it's more important to be contactable and approachable - don't hide behind a wall of anonymity.
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