Creative Moments

We don't make enough time for creative moments and its those that can cause that switch in thinking, those eureka moments that pop up out of the blue when we're thinking of something else, finding a solution to a long existing problem or challenge that we've been struggling with for months.

Inspiration triggered by something random, doing something different or doing something familiar differently. Exercising both sides of the brain instead of carrying on doing what you've always done the same way you've always done it.

If you're naturally a more logically thinking left-brained person, start using your more random, intuitive right brain every now and then. If you work in a creative way, apply a little logic or analysis to your work.

Use visual techniques to improve your memory, go running - exercise your mind and your body, do something unfamiliar or go somewhere new, listen to music, use mindmaps, engage all your senses.

Find time for a creative moment today.
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