What's On Your Business Card?

Having got back from a day's seminar and networking opportunity yesterday - I returned with a number of business cards. Now you'd think that the idea of a business card is to provide your details in one easy to read format. Have a thought when you get your business card designed and printed.

Readable print. I'm not yet in need of reading glasses although I'm starting to find I need longer arms these days but some of the print is so teeny, weeny on some of these business cards that you need a good light and a magnifying glass to read it.

Contrasting colours. While you might think that shiny silver looks good, light coloured writing on silver doesn't - again, I need to get out the reading glasses and angle it just right so I can read the letters and numbers. The same applies to light colours or where there's not much contrast between the text and background - it's difficult to read.

Photos. If you're going to have a photo on your business card, there's no harm in smiling. I think a passport-like blank stare isn't a good look, although at least it does serve as a prompt for when you next meet the person.

I like to write on the back of business cards - notes, comments, when we met - but glossy surfaces make this difficult to do - I've noticed this on my own cards. Worth considering when I next get them printed.
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