Amazon Bestseller

... most authors will admit to checking their rankings more frequently than is good for their mental equilibrium - so says a Times article on getting your book in the Amazon bestsellers list.

You won't catch me doing that! Well, OK, maybe just a little bit ... only every hour when I'm working, because that's how Amazon calculate their bestsellers.

It hasn't made it into the top 100 so far. My ranking peaked at 3889 has hovered between 10-30,000 on most days but dropping slowly but surely down the rankings as it competes with new releases like Warren Buffett's book, the usual clutch of cookery books and autobiographies from the likes of Paul O'Grady, Dawn French and Julie Walters.

Other then encouraging you all to buy on one particular day, it's going to be hard to compete with all the other books out there to get Time Management For Dummies into the best seller list along with Eat That Frog and two of Mark Forster's books which are top of the Time Management best sellers slots.

However, a quick check on the Wiley Authors site and I'm delighted to see that it's already sold over 1000 copies since it's release a month ago!

Not bad! :)
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