Time Management Book Launch

Last night's launch went well. I did wonder at 6.30pm where they all were but running true to form and considering that it was for a launch of a time management book, several people turned up late - some almost missed the whole thing! :)

I didn't mind at least they were there. It was all fairly low key and I had plenty of friends there to join me in celebrating the launch of my book and share a glass (or small plastic cup) of wine. I was competing with three other events in and around Brighton last night, so was hardly going to be packing Borders to the rafters.

Book sales at the event went well, in fact there was a comment that even John Gresham doesn't sell that many copies in a day. They usually expect a 50% sales rate and I exceeded that, so thank you to everyone who came along and helped me to mark the occasion. I will now claim to being a Borders bestseller ... at least for one day and in one location!
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