The 12 Step TM4D Programme

For all of you who don't have time to read the book!

Step 1 - Click here to order the book - and make an added contribution to Cancer Research by using my link.

Step 2 - When Amazon confirm the order, make a note of the delivery date

Step 3 - Book 10 minutes out in your diary on said delivery date (lunch break or when you finish work).

Step 4 - Book arrives - take the opportunity for a break. Spend 10 minutes (that you've already booked time for) reading the Table of Contents and the Intro - this will take about two to three minutes. Spend the remaining time making a note of which Chapters are most relevant to your immediate needs.

Step 5 - Decide how many Chapters you need/want to read to make the biggest impact. There are 18 chapters in all, two of those are in the Parts of Tens - so shorter and not all may be relevant.

Step 6 - Now set aside 30 minutes in your diary each day (or every other day) for the Chapters you need/want to read. Either at the very beginning of the day, before you get going or at the end of the working day - you might think of relevant points you want to address. Prioritise the most important chapters first.

Step 7 - Read first 'most relevant chapter' - decide on one key action you're going to take or a tip that you can apply from what you've read.

Step 8 - Take action. Apply the tip or take the necessary action as soon as possible.

Step 9 - Next 30 minute slot - read the remainder of the existing chapter or the second 'most relevant chapter' (Rinse and repeat steps 5-7, as necessary). Some chapters are a little longer and may have actions and checklists that you need to complete. Set yourself a target for when you plan to complete the book. (Ch1)

Step 10 - Take the book with you everywhere, so you can put the tip in Ch17 into action and keep reading when you've got a few minutes spare.

Step 11 - Give yourself a pat on the back (Ch10).

Step 12 - If you're having trouble with any of the Steps 1-11 - give me a call.
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