What were they thinking?

In theory the new Bus Lane - or more correctly the bus 'corridor' between Peacehaven and Brighton (Ovingdean actually) was meant to improve the traffic flow along the coast road. Presumably because everyone would jump out of their cars and onto the buses. However, the reality is that people will continue to use their cars and now that they've cut the lanes from two down to one along some stretches of this road, to make way for the bus lane, all those cars are now squeezed into one lane instead of two. Things will be so much worse.

While they've been making the 'improvements' the traffic has been worse than ever. In the morning after the rush the traffic has been much slower getting down to the Rottingdean lights and coming back from Brighton has been much, much worse. Usually any time after 9.30 and before 4.30 you can whiz into town in about 20 minutes, now depending on what state the roadworks are in and whether there are temporary lights, stop/go boards or not, it can take 30 minutes - 50% longer. I haven't attempted to make the journey during the rush hour since they started the road works and will avoid it at all costs, unless I have no choice.

One of the advantages of working from home is that I don't have to sit in traffic these days in order to get to work.

Let's see what it's really like once the school traffic has been added to the mix.
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