Ah - The Great British Summer

Gale force winds and lashing rain - yes, it's another great British Summer. The weather is always unpredictable - that's why it's such a great talking point and you never know whether the three hot days you had last week is going to what makes up summer this year or not. However, even for July the weather seems to be unseasonably inclement! The Worthing Birdman Competition was washed out this year - at least on Sunday, although if it had gone ahead, I'm sure they would have had some record breaking distances covered - in fact they would probably have got as far as Brighton with a following wind.

Saturday in complete contrast (apart from the wind) was warm and sunny. Sadly the Peacehaven Carnival took place on the Sunday and those who turned up were buffeted and soaked in equal measure. I'd only intended to be there to help out for a couple of hours and that was about as much as I could take before heading back home for more editing.
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