No Shows And Missed Meetings

Now I know life gets in the way and we can't always allow for the unexpected.

It's frustrating when people take the time and effort to book, register or sign-up for sessions, seminars and workshops and just don't turn up. Whether it's free or they've paid upfront.

You're left wondering what happened. How long to wait before you give up or go and do something else.

What is it? Disorganisation, poor planning or over commitment?

What would make you miss an appointment, you've committed to, whether it was intentional or not?

When you make arrangements to meet someone or be somewhere - other people have made time in their day for you.

If you need to change your plans, let them know at the first and earliest opportunity. People will understand, sometimes it's unavoidable or you have a genuine reason for not showing up or missing a meeting.

Be honest. Respect their time so they can make other arrangements, change bookings, make adjustments or have time to do something else.

There's no excuse for not turning up and not letting someone know?

Do you find you're always saying yes to things and then for whatever reason you're not able to attend or have to let people down at the last minute? Or perhaps you simply forget because it's not written down or you just have too much on. It happens.

Be more realistic with your time. Plan ahead. Don't say "yes" or agree to a meeting when what you actually mean is "probably not". Better to make a tentative arrangement and confirm nearer the time than over commit or double book.

Don't get a reputation for being dis-organised or unreliable.

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