Dragon's Den - Concentrate

I only got back in time to see the last 15 minutes of Dragon's Den tonight but the timing was perfect. A familiar face appeared on screen. Mark Champkins with his Concentrate products. Poo pooed by most of the Dragons, who quickly opted out - Mark finally picked up his investment from Peter Jones after a hard battle over percentages. Another Dragon who saw the potential in the person rather the business.

In 2004 - I was involved in the NESTA Graduate Pioneer Programme. A training programme to enable graduates to learn about getting started in business and allowing them to apply for grants to get them started. Mark was one of several graduates I worked with and it's great to see him with some of the ideas that he developed all those years ago.

Concentrate - Design For Education Products for helping children to concentrate better in lessons - something he was passionate about then and is obviously still passionate about now. You can find out all about his products and how Concentrate got started on the website. You might even have seen the products in the press - he's certainly been getting some publicity since winning his NESTA award in 2006.

I wish him all the best and will certainly be checking in to see how things are doing.
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