More Spam Than Monty Python

Well, it seems to be raining spam at the moment. Someone has obviously got hold of my online email addresses and I'm being inundated with the standard spam messages every day. Annoying but unfortunately a fact of life in these days of the internet and email addresses.

It's all basically 'selling' the same stuff although it's interesting to see the new approach that spammers take every few months. The latest seems to be validating your login id to some spurious site - Wine Lovers and Cat Lovers spring to mind. None of which I've subscribed too, although it's sometimes difficult to remember what I've signed up with.

I've also had a few recent emails supposedly from Paypal with the title 'Protect Your Identity' - just the usual phishing emails. While the more obvious 'medical' spam and emails from Banks you've never heard of is easy to recognise and ignore, some of the less obvious one's may be leading you to sites which will download malware which could enable your computer to be used to send out further spam.

Just make sure your virus and firewall software is up-to-date.
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