Website Stats And SEO

Having created my website over three years ago, I've been carefully watching the stats of how many people visit my site, where they come from and which pages are of most interest and of course I want people to go away having either registered for my newsletter or to have downloaded some of my resources. If someone contacts me for a coaching enquiry that's a bonus.

Today I hit a new high for unique visitors to my site. It's gradually been increasing over the last few months and has certainly doubled from the visits I was getting last year. I'm no SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) expert but I have a vast resource of tips and information available to me through my Ecademy network and I've picked up on a few ideas that I've applied to my site. Particularly around the area of keywords. SEO can be a bit of a black art with thousands of pounds being spent on getting company sites to No. 1 on Google with various guarantees for positioning. All it takes is one wrong move or a change to the algorithm and you're off the radar. It's not necessarily the number of visitors or the number of links to your site - it's about what happens when people get there. Are you converting those hits to business?

I'm happy to take advice but I'm not about to change the whole look and feel of my site just to please the search engines. It's generally agreed that a user friendly, readable website geared for the human visitor not the robots and spiders is more likely to achieve it's aim, at least for the genuine visitor. I'll keep tweaking and changing, adding and modifying to see what effect it has and keep those stats rising.

As the Tipping Point mentions, it only takes a small, simple change to result in a big difference.

You can do this in many areas of your business, especially the marketing. If the message doesn't get across the first time, try something else. Do some research within your target group. Make sure you can measure your effort in some way so you can see what works and what doesn't.

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