Cut and Shut

It's not often I watch TV and laugh out loud but one of the programmes that often brings out a fit of hysterics is BBC 2's Top Gear. I know I really shouldn't, as anything that promotes ridiculously powerful cars with equally ridiculous gas-gussling mileage is not to be encouraged.

However, tonight's episode was no exception. Despite apparently being a programme aimed at men and motors - this is not a programme for petrolheads. The three miscreants that pass for presenters (Clarkson, Hammond - the one who had a 300mph crash and ended up, upside down with his head buried in the ground - and ... May) decided to end this series by creating a stretch limo of their own design but using your normal everyday cars. A Fiat Panda, an MG (oh no, not an MG) and a cross between a Saab and an Alpha Romeo. Well, you really need to watch the show to see what they turned up with and the antics they got up to in order to prove that theirs was the best. Yes, there's still a fair amount of testosterone getting in on the act but it's all good natured fun and at least they don't take themselves too seriously.

If you missed it - catch up with the repeat at on Wednesday evening or alternatively there are videos available on the Top Gear site.
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