Three days after the event and I seem to have recovered well and avoided the delayed onset muscle soreness I was semi expecting. I'm therefore thinking I'm actually fitter than I thought and didn't do too badly after all. OK, I wasn't going for a record breaking time but at least I made it across the finishing line in one piece and was capable of walking the following day.

I went out for a gentle jog yesterday, just to see what was aching and how much. Not too bad, considering - the worst was an ache in my right foot.

I also cycled in to Brighton today, which felt like hard work - whether that was because I was still recovering from Sunday or because I haven't been cycling for a few weeks, so I'm out of practice. The wind didn't help but it was definitely harder work cycling up the hills.

As it wasn't raining and was a pleasant if cold afternoon, I took the opportunity to stop off for tea and cake at the seafront cafe, which happened to be open for the half-term break. That might have held me back on the final hill but it was worth it - ginger parkin always is!
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