Well, one of my longer training runs today - trying to get in the miles, so I can hopefully make it round the half-marathon course in two weeks time. Slightly worried by the statement that "no walking" is allowed on the course!

Another mild and sunny day or so I thought as I set off. Ambitiously deciding to run as far as Ovingdean and back via the Tye - which having checked it out on turned out to be just over 8 miles. My longest run to date has been 6 miles.

My legs were aching before I even stopped. Probably not helped by bumping (not literally) into friends on the way back, which meant I took a break to chat for longer than I should have done. Consequently I'd stiffened up when I set back off at a slow trot up the hill onto the Tye. That's when I realised that it was actually quite cold, either that or the wind had changed and the temperature dropped while I was out. Running along the undercliff - dodging walkers, cyclists and dogs it was quite sheltered and warm in the sunshine. Hat, gloves and windproof came off shortly after starting out. Up on the Tye there was a cold, northerly wind blowing, so the windproof and hat quickly went back on as my ears went numb. I made it back home having run most of the way - except for the hill out of Saltdean.

I can feel the muscles aching already so goodness knows what state I'll be in tomorrow morning when DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) has set in, if it does. Of course I do stretch out after my run but it doesn't always help, at least not for a gentle plodder like me. Those lean, mean running machines who take long distances in their stride are a little more dedicated to their running and probably wouldn't even notice a short little run like I've just done.
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