A Stormy Day At Sea

I walked back from Rottingdean today having met a friend for coffee. That was an invent in itself - the level of service (or lack of) had to be experienced to be believed. We were both laughing after one thing happened after another but she was at least trying. I just don't think she'd done it before, so the training was obviously non-existent. It took several attempts to get the order right - what was the purpose of the pen and pad I'm not sure. It obviously wasn't used to take down our order as she came back twice to check. When the order did turn up another couple of requests - including asking for saucers for the cups, then teaspoons to stir the coffee with, toast (white not brown) before we were finally able to relax, stop sniggering and enjoy our coffee.

Anyway, despite the fact it was very stormy - I thought the fresh air would do me good and walked back home along the undercliff with the waves crashing up against the sea wall and rebounding back onto the incoming waves. It's amazing watching nature in action, it's no wonder that water can cause so much damage when you see the power of the waves. It's very therapeutic watching the waves - puts things in perspective when you realise how insignificant we are in the grand scheme of things.

There were a few other brave souls out along the seafront including one runner in his shorts. That's a bit extreme, it's Winter or at least Autumn - invigorating it might have been but not THAT invigorating! But then I'm the sort of person that goes out running totally wrapped up against the cold. Someone else was sitting on the seawall also watching the waves and indanger of getting soaked.

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