Chill in the air.

1st of November and there's a definite change in the season. It's certainly a lot colder today and for the first time the heating has gone on. Not bad for November which shows how mild it's been up until now.

Cycled into town this afternoon - wrapped up against the cold and still spotted the odd nutters walking around in T-shirts! Some people must have a higher tolerance for the cold. Anyway, although it was fine and windy (as usual) the difference in time has certainly had an effect on the night's drawing in. It won't be too long now until either I'll need to get the lights on the bike or I won't be cycling in quite so regularly - back to the car or public transport to get around.

The cafe is shut down for the winter - at least today they were, so I didn't have to slow down and avoid small dogs, small people and tables and chairs. It was open last week - making the most of half-term with families on the beach - not exactly sun-bathing weather but it was still busy along the seafront - people out walking, cycling and children fishing in the rock pools.

Let's hope it's not a cold, grey, damp winter - lots of days like today.
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