Patience and Persistence

I love doing sudoku puzzles ever since I discovered them at the beginning of last year, I’ve found them intriguing and compelling. Nothing to do with mathematics but more to do with logic. I have a number lying around incomplete, that I pick up every now and then and spot something I hadn’t seen before. It pays to take a step back from what you’re doing – do something different for a while and then come back. You’ll see things differently and with a fresh look.

Some of the puzzles I decided were too difficult, beyond my skills and didn’t even attempt them. I’ve been having a bit of a blitz recently so I’ve built up from the moderate to the difficult and now I find even doing the fiendish or hard ones do-able. When I started, I used to find the moderate ones difficult. We all have to start somewhere with something new and the more practice we get the better we become.

So whatever you want to learn – start it now, practice, practice and keep practicing, then surprise yourself at how far you’ve come in a year's time. Like the sudoku - stick at it, don’t give up and in the end with patience and persistence, you’ll work it out.

An added bonus of course, is that it's good for your mental agility, so if you'd like to give sudoku a go try it here
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