Drowned Rat Returns

Returned home this evening resembling something of a drowned rat having cycled back in the rain.

I cycled in to town again this afternoon for a meeting, making the most of the weather while it's still fine and having done it a few times now, it's easier and saves the hassle of trying to find somewhere to park. It was very muggy today as it had rained overnight but a pleasant ride in as the wind wasn't quite as strong as on previous journeys. After my meeting, rather than just cycle back home, I decided to cycle out to Hove to help my business partner install a new wireless router, thinking I'd have time to do that and still return home in daylight.

Well, the theory was good but by the time I left, the sky had clouded over and it was spitting gently. I made it as far as the Marina before it started to really rain, when out came the waterproof - or rather showerproof, which wasn't much protection but at least I wasn't competing with the traffic and road spray as I cycled along the undercliff. A few other hardy souls were out either cycling back from work or out exercising - all looking similarly wet.

The storm drains were bubbling over at Saltdean on the seafront, although it didn't seem as if it was that much of a downpour it just seemed like steady rain, so I'm not sure what they're like when it really is heavy rain (like the rain I can hear now - pattering down outside).

Arriving back in Peacehaven - wet, tired and hungry, so of course the only sensible solution was to stop off for fish and chips! :)
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