Slow Down, Green Up

This weekend saw the start of National Downshifting Week to inspire everyone to slow down, lead a simpler life, be kinder to the environment and unleash your inner tortoise!

There's a great free ebook on Downshifting - Slow Down & Green Up available from the Holistic Local site, which contains a top ten of simple suggestions.

Here are some of mine:

1. Analyse your time and finance budget. Both subjects close to my heart and both things that we always think we don't have enough of.

2. Donate a bag of clothes, toys etc. to charity, recycling or freecycle. How much 'stuff' do you have that you never use.

3. Eliminate 3 non-essential purchases. Check your statements - what's there that you no longer use (e.g. subscriptions), what don't you really need.

4. Start a compost heap. Recycle all your kitchen and garden waste and create something wonderful out of rubbish. Grow something in your garden or in a pot that you can eat. Tomatoes are easy.

5. Replace your light bulbs with low energy equivalents and not only help the environment but reduce your energy bills.

6. Switch off your TV, Hi-Fi, computer. Don't leave them on standby - you're still using electricity. It's a waste both environmentally and financially.

7. Reduce your rubbish this week. Avoid buying anything with unnecessary packaging and recycle everything you can - glass, paper, tin, plastic, cardboard. If you don't already, sign-up with your green box/recycling scheme if your local council runs one.

You can find out more about Downshifting Week here .

So this week - see what you can do to slow down and green up your life.
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