Your perception affects how you view the world.

It turned out to be another glorious weekend. I was out volunteering again - this time at a different site and a very different type of work. We were laying a patio outside the local Wildlife Trust's offices. Much more relaxed than my first weekend, when we were cutting back scrub, clearing brambles and had a huge bonfire going. Having finished the patio relatively early, we did end up clearing out a stream which had become blocked up. Plenty of time for a relaxed drink in the warm winter sunshine when the topics of conversation that came up were fascinating. The majority of volunteers being retired they have a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise - from the formation of planets, astronomy, technology to current topics hot in the news.

Anyway, part of the discussion naturally turned to the weather which as we were sitting on benches in the sunshine having lunch was almost spring-like. I think it's been a great winter. Very dry and we could do with some rain as there's still a hose-pipe ban in this area. It was a great summer too but then working from home and getting out to run on the Downs quite regularly, I'm much more aware of the seasons now than when I was working in an office. Different people view things differently depending on their perception. Many people commented on what a bad summer we'd had! I've spoken to friends who have said it's been a bad winter. My perception is that we've had a great winter so far. Lots of clear, crisp, sunny days when it's even been pretty mild and spring-like. Their perception, however, was different - they only saw the grey days (co-incidentally often at the weekend), they were going to work in the dark and leaving in the dark which, again changes your perception.

Always be aware that you see the world through your eyes and your interpretation of it. Your perception is based on your values and your beliefs and there is always more than one viewpoint.

Enjoy your week and try taking a different point of view - oooh and if it is sunny make the most of it and get out during your lunchbreak.
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