Manage your email while on holiday

I was talking to a client this morning who, like many of you at this time of year, has returned from their two week Summer holiday.

They run their own Tax Advice and Accountancy business, so they are very mindful of looking after their clients.  Usually they would spend time working, even though they were on holiday.

This time they set up an automatic 'Out of Office' email for while they were away.

The benefit:

1.  It lets your clients, customers and anyone else know that you're away from the office - on holiday, so they won't (or shouldn't) expect a response from you during that time.

2. It provides an alternate contact for their enquiry - a phone or email contact for a colleague or member of your team.  For urgent enquiries only you can include your mobile number - if appropriate and only if absolutely necessary.

3. It keeps them informed - they know when you'll return and when they're likely to get a response.

They also spent an hour a day while they were away, just checking and dealing with their email.  This was their choice and their personal preference and didn't interfere with the enjoyment of their holiday.

As a result of these two things, they found that any work interruptions to their holiday where almost entirely avoided (they only had one).  They returned to just 50 emails in their Inbox, not the usual 1000's they would normally expect after two weeks away.

Are you able to switch off entirely when you go away on holiday or are you constantly drawn into work related issues?

Are you able to delegate effectively to your team, so you can enjoy your time-off without having to stay in contact with the office?

Get in touch if you want to really relax, switch off and enjoy guilt-free holidays.

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