The 2012 Olympic Legacy

Inspire a Generation

The dust has settled over another Olympic games and our athletes have done us proud.

There are few who can have appreciated the astounding amount of dedication, hard work, sacrifice and shear passion that has gone in to making the games what it was and for taking all those athletes on to the podium.

The 2012 games has been "Inspire a generation".  It's inspired us all to get involved if only watching and cheering on our teams from the sofa but the feel good factor has been there in abundance.

It starts with the basics - encouraging children to get out and exercise, get involved in sport at school and not spend so much time indoors on their computers and play stations.  Get them while their young so their talent can be spotted, encouraged and nurtured with the right training and coaching or just to give them the right attitude towards being fit and healthy.

It's never too late to start - we all heard stories of those athletes who had only been training together for a few months or had only recently come into their sport.

  • Be inspired to get on a bike, go out for a walk, jog or even a run.
  • Get in to the pool and do a few lengths.
  • Perhaps you'll even be inspired to take up or try one of the many other sports.

You too can grab the inspiration and motivation which the games has generated and decide what you'll commit your drive, dedication and focus to - not just in terms of fitness but in other areas too.

What do you want to achieve in your life in the next four years?  Make a commitment and create a plan to get you there.  Find the people who can help - get your own team of coaches, trainers and a training partner to support, motivate and encourage you.

What legacy will you take with you from the games?

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