Bacon, Eggs and Juggling.

I was at my monthly Chamber breakfast this morning and apart from the fact that it's the best breakfast in town, it's also a great motivational start to the day, even though it's the end of the week. This morning was no exception - a great talk from Rob Hughes. Well, not so much of a talk, as a lesson in how to juggle but delivered in such a way that, while we may not have been juggling by the end of the session, we were at least a few steps further along in the process, with the potential to actually master the art if we decided to apply the few tips and tricks we learnt.

It's all in the throwing rather than the catching and about not allowing the logical left-side of the brain to take over from the free-flowing creativity of the right-brain. It's a great way to exercise both sides of the brain. So, I've dug out my trainee juggling balls and this year, I will learn to juggle.

Now what was it? Throw, throw, catch, catch ...
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