Run, Runners And Escaping Sheep

A more interesting run today. Usually I have a relatively uneventful run up onto the Tye seeing what's around. Occasionally nodding to a passing dog walker or avoiding their dog (the small yappy ones are the worst).

Today - not only was I stopped in my tracks by a fellow runner - well, actually I can hardly call him an fellow runner, turns out he does ultra running (someone who considers doing a marathon just as a warm-up!) Anyway, he stopped me while I was on the way back home and asked if I knew of any good sports therapists in the area. He's an elderly Yorkshireman who's recently moved into the area. Happily provided him with details of someone in Saltdean who I've visited and another couple of names in Brighton. Amazing where you get the opportunity to 'network'.

A few yards further on and four lambs were the wrong side of the cattle grid - no doubt they lept over ahead of the van that had just gone past. Of course the van driver hadn't bothered stopping. Putting my shepherding skills into action - I managed to get the four lambs through the gate before they decided to take off into the garden of the house just by the gate and without letting the rest of the sheep out. One of the Mum's came to investigate what was going on but quickly went back in the direction she came as the lambs bounded through the gate.

They really aren't the most intelligent of creatures.
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