Make A Difference

I've finally created another Blog - my third to date, alongside all the writing I already do in newsletters, articles, Squidoo Lenses and the like. There must be a latent author hiding away under all this scribbling.

Anyway, I've been posting under the M.A.D. (Make A Difference) topic in a couple of places over the last two years or so. More recently on Ecademy, so I thought it was time to pull it all into one place and a blog seemed to be the way to go.

The M.A.D Moments blog will be a more focused blog that will be updated weekly on a Monday morning (Bank Holidays and holidays in general permitting) and somewhere you can go for a burst of motivation or inspiration. Unlike this blog which tends to be a bit more random in both it's content and frequency of posting.

Take a look and I hope you enjoy it. If you do - why not post a comment or send me an email.

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