Running - and avoiding dogs

Went out for a run this evening having put it off all day and not managed one this morning. Amazingly enough I managed a longer run than normal which was pretty impressive having had not much sleep and only a cup of coffee and a custard tart all day.

Anyway despite the fact that my running has been a bit sporadic I must either be fitter than I thought or my blood is more efficient now and I'm building up new muscle - which according to an old article I came across today, takes about six weeks! I managed to run pretty much continuously which I don't often manage when I'm over-tired, especially on the uphill bits.

My pulse metre on my pedometer is obviously wildly out as it decided my pulse, having run up the hill, was 82bpm and dropped fairly quickly to 54bpm. Er, I don't think so. I'm really not THAT fit! Double it and it would be about right. Must get a new battery for my Polar HRM - that's more accurate when it's not deciding my heart-rate is up at 250bpm.

Another bonus of the football being on is that it's quieter when I go out and I don't have to avoid as many dogs coming up to 'play'. The little ones are the worst as they're more likely to snap at your heels. I don't mind dogs in general - it's more about how much control their owners have over them. Most people are quite considerate and put their dogs on a lead or just hold them as I go past. Others are totally oblivious.
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