First swallow

Hey, I've just seen my first swallow! Just a glimpse as it flew over the top of the houses so I guess it's one of the early ones. Living here on the coast you see quite a lot of bird migrations in Spring and Autumn which I guess probably pass most people by as they go about their daily grind.

I sat on the seafront about a month ago and watched flocks of geese (I think they were Brent) flying up along the coast. It was a lovely sunny afternoon, quite cold but another sign of the changing season as the winter birds fly off to be replaced over the next few weeks by the summer migrants. There's been a blackbird signing it's head off for the last few days in the garden, at all times of day - from early morning until late in the evening as it gets dark.

A bit of a nature note today but I think nature has a lot to teach us if we just take the time to look and learn.
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