Winter Sunshine.

It's another one of those glorious winter days here on the South Coast. The sun is out and although there's a cooling north wind the sun is warm. We had snow on Friday night but that's long since gone.

There really is no place like England. I've travelled to many countries around the world, totally different climates and many with stunning scenery but the English countryside is something special. In the winter sunlight the hedgerows and trees are bare but the grass is still green in the fields. The bare bones of the countryside that opens up the views as you drive down winding country lanes between the hedgerows. The hedge-cutters and verge mowers have been out in many areas so there's a tidiness to the countryside. We've not had too much rain this winter so the roads are still relatively clean. It doesn't take long to get warm if you're well wrapped up, hat, gloves and a good few layers and there's nothing as nourishing for tired spirits than being out in the fresh air, warm sun on your face, watching rafts of ducks out on the water.

There's nothing like winter sunshine to lift your spirits. While it's tempting to stay inside in the warmth, I feel far better for having got out for a short while. It's good to renew my links with nature. I sometimes forget that it's the simple things in life that bring me my greatest joy.

Try it for yourself.

If things are getting too much, if you feel tired and overwhelmed. If you're stressed at home or work then get out into the great outdoors.

Go for a walk.

Get away from the hustle and bustle of town and traffic. Get down to the sea or out into the hills or even into your nearest park. Take time to enjoy the peace and quiet and get things back into perspective.
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